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Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Kenya

  Kenya In November 2010, Stumptown Coffee Roasters sent a two person film crew to Kenya to shadow their green coffee buying team. Travelling north about 100 miles from Nairobi into the Nyeri district of the Central Province, their cameras … Continue reading

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The Three Stages of a Roast

Roasting unlocks and frames a coffee’s flavor potential; it is a science and an art that requires loads of experience, concentration and split second timing. Roasting is also the means by which the roaster imprints his/her signature. How bright or … Continue reading

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What causes raw, green coffee staleness?

After coffee beans—really fruit seeds—are properly dried and uniformly conditioned to the right degree of moisture content for stability, they are at their peak of expression. The beans contain the maximum amount of volatile aromatic oils locked within the their … Continue reading

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Terroir Coffee

Introducing TED Roaster : Terroir Coffee As part of the build-up to TED, we’ve asked that each of the participating roasters write a brief introduction for one of the others. This would typically be a tough exercise, but the mutual admiration … Continue reading

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What if my coffee is too strong or too weak?

Good quality coffee will commonly have some bitter elements, but they should exist in balance with other aspects; bitterness should not be an overwhelming component. Unfortunately, most people are rarely served anything but poorly prepared coffee that may also have … Continue reading

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French Press

  Which came first, the vacpot or the press pot? It might surprise you, but the press pot came later. It is, of course, a much simpler design than a vacuum brewer, but there were problems. In the 1840s, when … Continue reading

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Classic Blend

A classic blend of coffee should possess the following characteristics: * First, it should have a nice sustained crema. Mouthfeel is a huge part of the espresso experience. * Second, there should be at least a hit of brightness to … Continue reading

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How the fruit is removed from the coffee and how it is dried are extraordinarily important to how it finally tastes. If the fruit removal and drying, collectively called processing, is done carefully, the coffee will taste clean and free … Continue reading

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Coffee and Health

According to coffee review website, coffee has been a medical whipping boy for so long that it may come as a surprise that recent research suggests that drinking moderate amounts of coffee (two to four cups per day) provides a … Continue reading

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Coffee; from ecological point of view

Coffee ranks with oil and steel as one of the world’s most intensely traded commodities. Many smaller countries depend on coffee for almost all of their foreign exchange. Millions of families worldwide depend on coffee for their livelihood. The majority … Continue reading

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